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10 ways to monetize your website

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10 ways to monetize your website
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You might own a website for years but you are confused “ how to earn money from your website? ”. Right?

In this article we will discuss and will give you the right path to convert your website into a money making machine in long run.

Difficulties and your expectations –

Before you start implementing any strategy you need to figure out the flaws your website might have. And while correcting the flaws what are the challenges your are facing. It takes time and patience to monetize and start earning from your website.  To primary goal should be getting enough traffic to your website. The more visitors you will have the more you will earn from your website.

If you are a non techie then you can hire a technical expert for figure out the problems and resolve that for you. Your readymade Website (YRW) : best web design company in UK have a dedicated team of experts who will help you to earn from your website.

Now let’s see the ways you can monetize your website.

Monetize Your Website –

1. Pay Per Click Ads with Google Ad Sense –

Pay Per Click Ads with Google Ad Sense

PPC is an internet advertising approach in which website owners receive a passive income every time a reader clicks on a banner ad. Google AdSense is the most popular tool for this.

Google AdSense is one of the simplest solutions to produce extra money because it is simple to set up. The website owner can easily and quickly place advertisements on his or her blog or website. Another plus is that you can apply to be an AdSense partner even if you have multiple websites.

Publishers won’t have to worry about getting things up and running thanks to Google’s extensive support. Customers forums and tutorials are also available to assist users in getting started.

So, how much will you be paid?

Revenue- AdSense for content generates 68% of revenue, while AdSense for search ads generates 51%.

Payments – The best part is that Google always pays you on time, usually between the 21st and 26th of the month.

How to Use Google AdSense to Monetize a Website:

Please review the Terms and Conditions. Check that your website meets all of the requirements.

Continue by signing up for AdSense and waiting for approval.

Embed the code snippet into a widget once your account has been approved.

Put the ads wherever you want on your website.

Your Readymade Website(YRW): web designers UK can create a Google AdSense account for you. And setup you Ads campaign with best competitive keywords. Fast and focused Sells driven Your readymade website (YRW) Landing pages for your Ad campaign will generate good revenue for your business.

2. Sale Ad Space –

Sale Ad Space

It’s also worth a shot to sell free space on your site to marketers directly. This method requires more time, but it significantly increases your earnings from displaying advertisements.

Ads can take the form of a link at the bottom of the page, side banners, or small pop-ups. Because you have control over price negotiations, the pricing for each can also vary.

To use this method, however, you must have a high conversion rate as well as traffic. Because this method employs the pay-per-click or pay-per-visitor model, advertisers will pay you based on the number of people who click the ad or visit the site.

So, how do you notify advertisers that you’re selling ad space?

Create a media kit, which is a summary of your website’s statistics and key facts.

Distribute it to potential advertisers. Explain why they should work with you.

When you’ve found your group of advertisers, utilize Google Ad Manager to manage them.

To gather information about your website, you can use online tools such as Google Analytics. Adding Google Analytics to a WordPress site or a readymade website from Your Readymade Website (YRW) is simple.

It might be difficult to find the correct advertisements. However, with the assistance of Google Ads, LinkedIn, and YRW, you’ll be able to find the right match in no time.

3. E-commerce Websites to Sell Your Own Products or Services –

monetize your ecommerce website

If you have products or services to sell online then e-commerce website is the best way to achieve that. Bananicraft Textiles became one of the largest manufacturer and wholesaler of ladies garments and blouses. They made a huge revenue from their e-commerce website which is created by YRW.

Making an online store is a little more difficult than simply creating a website. It needs technical knowledge. However you can purchase a Readymade E-commerce website from Your Readymade website (YRW) and start selling your products or services within a couple of days.

How to monetize a website via eCommerce:

  1. Set your niche.
  2. Purchase a domain (Godaddy or Namecheap) and hosting. For hosting you should choose the best plan according to your preference.
  3. Buy a Readymade Website from Your Readymade Website (YRW) of your choice or you can even contact with the YRW support team to create a custom Ecommerce website.
  4. Upload your products with good quality product images and product description. YRW can setup the entire website and products once you provide your product details to them.
  5. Create landing pages for specific product or product categories where you can run your Ad Campaigns. Or choose landing page designs from YRW landing pages.

Start selling online and take feedbacks from your customers.

4. Affiliate Marketing –

monetize with affiliate website

If you have a talent for product reviews or promotion, you can use affiliate marketing to monetize a website.

You can earn commissions through affiliate links when readers purchase the products or services of the companies with which you are affiliated.

If your website has an active user base that will listen to your opinion, affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways to earn passive income. Thousands of users have made money and achieved success through affiliate marketing.

Monetize a website via affiliate marketing: 

  1. Create a website dedicated to recommending and promoting products, or post product or service reviews relevant to your content.
  2. Join affiliate programs such as YRW Affiliates and Amazon or search Affiliate networks like ShareASale and ClickBank.
  3. Organically incorporate affiliate links into your content.

Your Readymade Website (YRW) pays a high commission rate to the affiliates.

5. Donation Website for Monetization –

If your content is valuable to the reader and you need help growing your website, you can politely request donations. Not every reader will donate, but if you have enough traffic, you might be able to earn enough to fully support your website while also making some extra money.

You can include donation buttons on your website so that readers can contribute directly. Connect them to payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, and Fundly.

Add the buttons as widgets and position them wherever you want. Make sure the readers can easily find them.

6. Sponsored Articles –

Sponsored content is a collaboration between you as a publisher and the brands with which you are collaborating. Companies pay you to create content for them and publish it on your website.

Product or sales announcements, offers, infographics, or reviews are all examples of content. They can be written by you or by the brand that is sponsoring you. You have the option of charging a higher rate. If you intend to write the post as well as publish it on your website.

Before you begin creating sponsored content, keep the following points in mind:

How much clout you have online.

The number of sponsored posts you will write per month.

How much time you’ll devote to creating content.

Brand worth (the sponsored content vs. your blogging brand).

For example, BuzzFeed can charge up to $100,000 for a sponsored content piece. This is due to its high brand value and influence.

Sponsored content is a credible way to earn money from your website. Just remember to be open and honest with your readers.

7. Membership Websites –

Membership websites is an efficient way to generate revenue from your website. If you have services of contents which you want to sell to the site members only then you can create or buy readymade membership website from Your Readymade Website (YRW).

Monetize your membership website:

  1. Create membership functionality for your website.
  2. Create different levels of memberships which gives you an opportunity to earn recurring money.
  3. Add Payment systems like Paypal, Stripe or any other payment gateways.
  4. Enable subscription payments for memberships.

Your Readymade Website (YRW): web designer in UK can help you to create your membership website according to your preference.

8. Coupons websites with Affiliate Links –

When it comes to shopping, roughly 95% of people look for deals. Coupons from affiliate partners are another type of affiliate marketing.

When it comes to online discounts and coupons, Rakuten is the undisputed leader. The site attracts customers and directs them to merchants, with whom they have partnered, earning commissions in the process.

Including coupons on your website is a great way to increase traffic.

So, what are the alternatives?

Add coupons from affiliate partners/programs to your existing sites.

Contact your local and national retailers to inquire about specials that you can promote on your website.

Create websites devoted to providing coupons from Your Readymade Website(YRW). These can be broad, such as

9. Sell Your Websites –

If your website have good amount of traffic and the domain authority is very good then you can sell your website and decent amount. There are portals where you can sell your website like Flippa. This is the another way to earn from websites if you have many websites.

10. Sell Online Courses –

If you have good knowledge and skills to share then its good idea to monetize your website via selling courses.

There are various formats for digital courses. They can be as simple as a PDF download, recorded audio, or professionally produced videos. Photography skills, for example, provides both step-by-step videos and how-to articles.

How to monetize a website via courses?

  1. Choose a niche
  2. Buy a Readymade Online course selling Website from Your Readymade Website (YRW).
  3. Upload courses and lessons.
  4. Promote it on social media or run ad campaigns.

Conclusion –

It takes a lot of time and effort to monetize a website.  YRW  provides you a complete solution to monetize your website according to your requirements .


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