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Advantages of Content Management System

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Since recent years the website patterns have changed a lot. Most of the website owners are looking for a CMS based websites. You must have heard about some of the popular CMS Website tools and applications like WordPress, Jhomla, Dhrupal, Magento etc. It gives the website owners to maintain their website and upgrade their website contents very easily by their own. So, What is CMS or Content Management System?

Definition of CMS –

A content management system (CMS) is a piece of software that allows users to create, edit, collaborate on, publish, and store digital content. CMSes are commonly used for  web content management (WCM) and enterprise content management (ECM).

Advantages of Content Management System –

Let’s discuss some of the advantages of content management system or CMS,

User Friendly and Easy to Use –

Although not all users are equally comfortable with technology, the basic CMS functions of writing and publishing content, as well as the slightly more advanced ones of adding media, are usually simple for everyone to grasp.

A person who can use word documents or similar software’s can easily use CMS based website to perform basic operations, so training is not much required.

Extensible functionality via a plethora of Plugins and Extensions –

Most of the CMS gives you a privilege to increase the functionality of your website. There are many useful and popular plugins for wordpress. Such as, woocommerce for  ecommerce features, yoast for seo, buddypress for membership websites and many more.

Multi users –

CMS allows you to create a multi user website for your business. If you have blogging site and you allow several authors to write contents and articles then you can assign them a specific role for that. There are several default roles available in WordPress i.e Admin, Author, Editor, Subscriber, Contributor. You can even create a custom role for your ecommerce based website in CMS.

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Quick Development and Deployment –

To create a CMS website is less time consuming comparing other ways. There are many ready components and blocks which help you code less and hence less time consuming. And on the other the hand the deployment is easy.

Simplifies Scheduling –

In addition, any decent CMS will provide you with an instant snapshot of the status of all content, whether it’s live, being reviewed, or a draught. This is true not only for blog posts, but also for product pages and other website pages. It allows you to assign tasks and track their completion.

And it’s simple to incorporate planned content into your marketing strategy so that everyone is aware of what’s going on and when.

Manage your website contents easily –

Content management system is not only about publishing contents; it’s also about being able to remove it when it’s no longer relevant.

If you are running a Black Friday or Christmas promotion, you should remove and change it even before the season ends.

With a CMS, this is as simple as un-publishing the content – all menus and links will automatically update, ensuring that your customers have a positive experience with the site.

Furthermore, the CMS can be configured to allow you to include customized content such as countdown calendars and lists.

A good CMS also includes SEO, which ensures that your content ranks well in search engines.

Improves Site Maintenance –

Do you need to make a change to your website?

Without a CMS, this can entail trawling through hundreds of pages and making changes to each one.

The core functionality is the same with a CMS, so you can make maintenance changes, update the CMS software, and add functionality without breaking the site.

Indeed, with the right CMS, it may be able to keep itself up to date automatically.

Cost Effective –

CMS website are cost effective comparing with the traditional websites. There are many open source platforms and software available which you can use to reduce the website price.

SEO friendly –

You can create well structured and SEO friendly websites maintaining the CMS features. There are well coded plugins also available which are really helpful for SEO.

Huge Developer Community –

The number of web developer for CMS community is really big. So, it helps you to manage and troubleshoot your problems easily.

Conclusion –

This entails determining who should have access to the CMS and to what extent. You should also define the approval processes for creating, publishing, and managing digital content.

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