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YRW - Landing Pages Specialist
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You might have heard the term “landing pages” a lot. Everyone knows what it is. Most people think of landing pages as an alternative to a website. Am I right?

A landing page is a specific page that increases your sales conversion and gains potential leads. In addition, a landing page is an effective way of attracting and converting traffic, improving SEO, and building your brand. They can also be a key component of effective PPC campaigns, with 68% of B2B businesses using them to generate leads.

Lead generation is an important aspect of any marketing strategy, and there are a variety of ways to achieve it: through social media, content marketing, paid ads, and so on. The people you’re targeting won’t convert themselves into potential customers with every digital campaign you run, regardless of whatever channel you use. To accomplish so, you’ll need a high-quality landing page that’s designed to convert visitors. If your website doesn’t have at least a few landing pages, you’re missing out on the potential to convert these visitors into paying clients later.

Landing page examples –

Landing pages serve a single purpose: to convert visitors into leads for your company. You can, however, use a particular content offer on each landing page to target those prospects.

Here are some landing pages examples which you can use to convert visitors into leads on a landing page:

smart-gadgets landing page image

App Download –

If you want to increase your app download in the Google Play Store or in Apple Store then you can create a specific landing page for it. Landing pages for app download can increase your app download up to 65%. YRW App download landing pages are focused which ensures the increment of your app downloads.

Newsletter subscription –

Let’s imagine you write a lot of blog posts about the same subject. Sure, you can write an e-book or whitepaper that delves deeper into specific aspects, but you can also send your readers an email newsletter with the most up-to-date information on the subject. Use a call-to-action (CTA) in various blog entries to encourage readers to subscribe to your site. This CTA might direct visitors to a separate landing page where they can join your email list.

Online Courses –

Landing pages are most commonly used to sell online courses nowadays. You can offer a free course and ask your visitors to signup with their email to have it. And then you can easily sell your premium courses via email marketing with those email leads. It gives a good value to the visitors and they will stick to your website on a regular basis. You may have landing pages websites where you may run separate campaigns for separate courses.

Product launch –

If you have a e-commerce website for your business then landing pages for websites gives you the power to boost your sales. Suppose you are planning to launch a new product and want to do a market survey before launching. Then you can create a creative landing pages from YRW: landing page specialist to grab leads. And you sell those products to those potential customers. It will increase your sales drastically.

Tips: You can even have different landing pages for specific location you are targeting. Your Readymade website can help to create creative and effective landing pages for your business. Click here to get best price.

Event Registration –

Events, like online courses, necessitate gathering information on your audience so that they can receive updates leading up to the event. A landing page for an event, as well as its many sessions and keynotes, can be created to convert interested prospects into event attendees and leads. YRW landing pages helps you to get your landing page within a day. YRW (landing page specialist) also helps you to create your Google Ads campaign or Facebook Ads campaign with the best completive keywords.

What Defines an Effective Landing Page?

To begin with, your landing page should not be your home page. You must direct potential clients to a website where they may take advantage of the exceptional offer you’ve offered. Your landing pages have a better chance of attracting attention for a longer amount of time as they are linked to something specific. A good landing page accomplishes multiple goals:

Focused Communication –

Your Landing pages should be very much focused. Your page visitors will visit your landing page to get something. So, it’s necessary to highlight the main purpose of the page and what they will get from this page. Always give value to your visitors so that it will be easier for them to achieve the goal.

Intuitive Navigation –

You’ve directed your targeted traffic to a website where they can take the action you want them to do. Don’t get in their way! Reduce the number of exits from your landing page to keep visitors focused on completing your form. The removal of website navigation components from landing pages is an important part of this. This helps to refocus attention on the stuff you’re providing.

A/B Testing –

For landing pages it’s necessary to have different variants of your landing pages. So that you can run a A/B testing and see which variant is working for you. You must constantly monitor your traffic and reports to get good results.


Your landing pages should have proper analytics integrated. Knowing how many people visited your landing page is one thing. It’s another thing entirely to understand where those visitors came from.

This information is necessary in order to optimize your marketing campaign and generate more leads. If email marketing drives more traffic to your landing page than search engines, it’s a smart idea to concentrate on email marketing strategies while optimizing your landing page for search engines.

These insights can also be discovered using UTM monitoring parameters. To create and track UTM parameters, you can use tools like Google Analytics,, and others. YRW helps you to set up end to end solutions to run your campaign and create landing pages.

Conclusion –

It takes a lot of effort to create landing pages and manage Ad campaigns. YRW has a specialized dedicated Team for creating Landing Page campaigns. Get your Landing Pages from YRW.


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